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Here is what some of our parents have had to say about their experience with Ship's Ahoy:

"Deciding on a child care facility for our children was a stressful experience. The very first day with Ship's Ahoy eased our minds. After 4 years and two children, leaving my children with Stephanie and the gang is like leaving them with family. We simply could not be happier."
"Ship's Ahoy is in a convenient location and everyone on the faculty is helpful and friendly. Most important, though, my kids look forward to going to school each day."
At Ships Ahoy, they love my son as if he were their own. When we started at Ships Ahoy, he was recovering from Guillian Barre Syndrome and had special needs. They welcomed us and made me feel comfortable that his needs would be met. They were very attentive and compassionate towards at that difficult time of our lives. Since then, he has thrived from the structure and support in this school. From Christmas parties and Easter egg hunts, we have thoroughly enjoyed our years there! Stephanie and her staff have made us feel like family. I am completely at ease knowing that he is in a superb learning environment. I could no ask for a better school for my most precious possession. We will be starting "Big Boy" school this year and we will definitely miss our Ships Ahoy family."
"Truly, a home away from home for my children."
"From the minute we walked in the door to Stephanie & Carolyn's smiling faces we felt at ease. Ships Ahoy provides a safe, loving, and educational environment for the kids. I wouldn't have sent Ian anywhere else!"
"The most complimentary thing I can say about Ships Ahoy is that even 7 years after having "graduated" my 12-year old daughter still loves going back to see her former teachers. To me, this speaks for itself! My kids are my most valuable asset and I don't take their well-being or education lightly. I know they are happy, loved and nurtured at Ships Ahoy, and I can also say that they are prepared for school, as my three older daughters tested into T.S. Cooley after Ships Ahoy. What's more, Ships Ahoy imbues them with a positive attitude towards learning. What a great way to start an educational career! My fourth child is currently at Ships Ahoy, and I know he is happy simply because it shows on his face when he arrives each morning and is showered with hugs and kisses."
"My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and a first time daycare goer. I was extremely worried that it would take her a long time to fit into the new routine. After only 4 days, she was asking to go to daycare. This made me feel so at ease and worry free. The staff is definitely doing something right!!! Hats off to them and much appreciation."
"My daughter started at Ship's Ahoy when she was 1. Now she is 4! I've watched her move from every class there. Now, she is in the last class offered! The teachers have been the same. Never people in and out. I love the relationship the staff has with each other and the children. It is like a real family. My daughter has grown leaps and bounds in educational advancements. Thanks to the staff at Ship's Ahoy! I wouldn't have her anywhere else!"
"Ship's Ahoy is Great! I wouldn't think of sending my children anywhere else. My 7 year old started attending Ship's Ahoy at 8 weeks and my 4 year old at the age of 3. I have no worries when leaving them at Ships Ahoy, knowing they're in good hands gives me a piece of mind to go throughout my day worry free. Mrs. Stephanie and Mrs. Carolyn are great as well as the classroom staff! They all have these big warm smiles, along with great attitudes and personalities that ensure me that my children are in good hands and that they are also in a great learning environment! Kayda and Kenden have learned so much since attending. We love you, Ship's Ahoy!"
"Ship's Ahoy is a great daycare, learning center. And it provides a safe environment for children. Both of my kids have attended Ship's Ahoy from babies to kindergarten and I have always felt as though my kids were safe and in a very good learning and fun environment."